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• 8/23/2018

Sift heads cartels act 4 dead?

so i've just gotten back into this series, and i want to know. what happened to cartels act 4. It was announced, trailer released, but then the company was aold, so does that make the series dead?
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• 7/23/2018

Sift Heads Fan Games?

Do they exist? I know that there are Fan Comics of Sift Heads in Deviantart, but I haven't seen a single Sift Heads Fan Game.
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• 5/8/2018


Guys, still alive. That means we still have a hope for the next Sift Heads series.
In the meaning time, we should try to expand all the stub posts.
If there will be a new series, I would like to see Vinnie and Shorty married, Kiro come back to Tokyo to visit his brother's grave or something.
How about ya?
Make Sift Heads great again >A<
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• 2/5/2018


Why does Yuuma have stripes on his head?
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• 8/21/2017

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• 1/12/2017


See facebook page
Game will come soon and stay tuned m8.
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• 6/14/2016

Sift Heads IS DEAD

the developers do nothing and its benn over for 3 yrs to make a game!!!
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