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• 5/8/2018


Guys, still alive. That means we still have a hope for the next Sift Heads series.
In the meaning time, we should try to expand all the stub posts.
If there will be a new series, I would like to see Vinnie and Shorty married, Kiro come back to Tokyo to visit his brother's grave or something.
How about ya?
Make Sift Heads great again >A<
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• 7/23/2018
What I'd like to see a new game about Shorty's back story. (About her leaving Italy because some incident there) I know she has some games but they were not story driven anyway.
• 7/23/2018
And plus I don't think the Sift Heads Series will ever continue due to the original crew sold it to some strangers. So currently the new owners are just there... existing.
• 8/19/2018
Oh the situation is so bad for the game...can't believe it could be over with the series...just why did this happen???I hope that we can one day see a green light for the game rising frim the dead,because this game is a part of my childhood and I won't forget about it!
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