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The following places are the ones found in Sift Heads World. (These places are currently from only Act I-VI. More will be added as the acts

are still being made.)

  • The Port
  • Chicago HQ (Vinnie's Safehouse)- Because of the events of Act VI, most of the rooms have been rendered unaccessable.
  • Clothing Shop
  • South Slum Buildings
  • Hotel
  • North Slum Buildings
  • Gun Shop
  • Bar
  • Airport
  • Italian Mafia HQ- Only accessable during Act I.
  • Darwen's House- Becomes accessable from Act III onward.
  • Gigi's Restaurant- Only accessable during Act III.
  • City Hall- Only accessable during during Act III.
  • Crime Hideout- Only accessable during Act III.
  • Business Tower- Only accessable during Act III.
  • Hidden Underground Passages- Only accessable during Act III.
  • Sunnyside Women's Shelter
  • A third set of Slum Buildings- Has only been accessable during Act VI for the time being.