Luzio is a Fourth Don of Red Mafia, after Sift Heads World Act 7 - Ultimatum, when their previous Don
(Alonzo) was killed by Vinnie and he replaced his position, Luzio Born in 1979.

Sift Heads Street Wars - Prologue

His first appearance is in SH: SW, along with his younger brother Rino. They want to kill Vinnie to get the reward - 20 million dollars. As they found him at the train station and try to shot him, Kiro arrives and helps Vinnie escape.

While Vinnie was in Brazil and burned Red Mafia's cocaine plantation, Luzio and Rino captured Shorty.

Sift Heads - Cartels

Luzio and Rino set a trap on Vinnie when he tried to rescue Shorty, and he got two bullets to the stomach. After that they tried to kill Vinnie by putting him (unconscious) to the car and pushing into the water. Vinnie awakes just in time and escapes from the claws of the death. Then, he went to the place where Kiro was. Kiro knows where Luzio and Rino are so he and Vinnie went to that location, Vinnie killed Rino and rescued Shorty. Luzio survived. He fell out of the window and escaped.

Sift Heads Cartels Act 2

At Rino's funeral, Vinnie tries to shot Luzio, but he's been stopped by police. They arrested Luzio.

Also, in this act, Luzio escaped from the prison, not even stopped by anyone. The inspector Sam Lawrence said, "We've got nothing against this son of the bitch".