Shawn is the member of Yakuza when Kienji was murdered. he was killed by a Triad Member with Beretta 92FS in Sift Renegade but after Kiro is killed this Triad Member. during Sift Renegade 3 and Sift Renegade 3: Defiance Kienji, He and Shigeru escaping from Yakuzas but Founder and First Greatest Grandmaster of Yakuza, Yuuma, Yuuma is hired greatest grandmaster ghost killer and greatest grandmaster ghost assassin called Vinnie for killing leader of group of betrayers from Yakuza, Kienji, later Vinnie accepted mission and Vinnie is shoted Kienji's head and killed with sniper rifle in one split-second. split-seconds after death of Kienji. Shawn and Shigeru escaping from here. but later Vinnie shoted Shigeru's leg and Shigeru is wounding and fall down but Shawn successfully escaped but later five minute after of escaping Shawn and one of group Triads are encountered here but seconds later Triads catched Shawn and taked their secret gang building and they keeping Shawn as hostage and prisoner in here.