It's my self-defense, officer.
— Shortly before being arrested

Maéva "Shorty" is a female character who was introduced with a small cameo in Sift Heads 3, and later became a playable protagonist of Sift Heads World.


Early Life

Shorty has somewhat of a hazy past. Even though she came from a wealthy French family and was naturally blessed, she quickly became exhausted and bored and began to seek for some action in her life. Wanting to live dangerously, she began to flirt with drug dealers in Eastern Europe. Things started to go wrong, though, that’s when she decided to leave the country and join the best bounty hunter currently known: Vinnie. From there on both would write history and Shorty’s reputation would take off thanks to her partner’s notoriety.


Vinnie’s girlfriend is not just sexy but also very lethal. She is a weapons expert and has also acquired much experience as an assassin from being at Vinnie’s side. The best sharpshooter of the group and the ideal for tactical diversions. She is often depicted wearing a femme fatale red dress with red heels and lipstick.


  • Shorty's real name, Maéva, was revealed in a letter from her long-lost sister in SHW Act 4.
  • Shorty's sister, Claire, was rescued in Act 4 from a Russian trafficking gang that Shorty was already in.
  • She drove a mini cooper until Sift Heads World Act 6 when her car and Kiro's motorbike was blown up with the base.
  • Despite of her name, Shorty isn't a Short girl, Possibly because of game engine limitations.
  • Vinnie and Shorty met on a beach both wearing the same sunglasses. The proof of this is a picture in Vinnie's basement.


Game Playable Notes
Sift Heads 3 No
Sift Heads 4 No

Sift With Shorty

Sift Heads 5 No
Shorty Covers Yes
Sift X-mess Yes
Sift Heads World Yes
Sift Heads Street Wars No