Sift heads 0 is a prequel to the Sift Heads Series. This game shows the events in Vinnie's past.


Sift Heads 0 is where Vinnie’s story all begin. In this game, you need to complete the first couples of mission Vinnie had and learn your way out of school. Vinnie is like this for some reason so find out how he became the greatest killer and top menace for all criminal organization.


In the first level, Vinnie is a baby and must avenge Mobo's (Vinnie's loveable plush toy) was killed by his cat. In the second level, Vinnie must "punish a fellow child at the nursery still as a baby for playing with the GT 500 toy car, because Vinnie says nobody else is allowed to touch it. In the third level, Vinnie is a child who takes a day off from school by killing his math teacher. In the fourth level, Vinnie is a teenager driving under the influence of alcohol and thinks it's safe, so he must kill the officers chasing him. In the fifth level, Vinnie has to kill a Druglord Eligio White and save the Chief's son as an adult. Finally, to become a legend, Vinnie must kill a high profile mafia boss Armando White.


  • In Sift Heads World Act 3, Kiro discovers and mocks Vinnie about it as he seen Vinnie's "love letters" to the toy, his gory picture of Mobo, and Mobo murdering people.
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Mobo with Baby Vinnie