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You've destroyed my house, I'm getting back at you!
— Vinnie

Sift Heads 3 is a continuing story of Sift Heads 2, where Vinnie was assaulted by the mafia.

Plot and Walkthrough[]

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Chapter 1

The Last Mafia's Son

Vinnie is angered by the Mafia, so he returns yet again. He kills some guards and enters an elevator, but the Mafia boss blows the lift up. However, Vinnie escapes the explosion and finds another way to get up. He kills the boss in a knife fight only to be confronted by him, who states that a knife is not enough to kill him. Vinnie then throws it at him and takes his Beretta.

Chapter 2[]

Chicago's Rooftops

Vinnie jumps on another house only to be confronted by other guards. A police officer tells Vinnie to drop the weapons but instead is defeated and forced to reveal his commander, Ralph Ducan. Vinnie shoots the five police snipers and slides to the bottom of the building.

Chapter 3[]

Sewer's Puzzles

Vinnie enters the sewer and is forced to think hard about a task to proceed further. After entering 7438 on the code analyzer, Vinnie finds himself in the police quarters.

Chapter 4[]

Police Quarters

Vinnie is confronted by numerous police officer and the Mafia. This chapter is similar to the first one, as there is nothing to discover.

Chapter 5[]

Duck Hunt

Vinnie uses a computer to find Major Ducan. On the roof, he uses a sniper rifle to take out Ducan's chopper.

Major Characters Killed during Sift Heads 3[]

Character Killed By Reason
Ralph Duncan Vinnie For being associated with the Mafia and for trying to kill him.
Mafia Boss Vinnie Being a Mafia boss and wrecking his house


  • This is the only CLASSIC Sift Heads game designed as a side scroller.
  • Vinnie drives a later generation Mustang, not his traditional '67 GT500, and he doesn't pay attention to it shown when he stabs his knife into the dashboard.
  • In Chapter 4, there is a notorious error to cannot enter the final section if the music continues after all enemies have been killed. You can only continue by replaying the chapter a few times to trigger the music to stop.
  • Ralph Ducan's (helicopter) boss battle is considered the most boring and difficult because of its randomness.
  • It's also the only Sift heads game where the main character is killed by animal(Rat).