Sift Heads Street Wars Protagonist is player-created playable character, main protagonist and primary protagonist in multiplayer story mode of Sift Heads Street Wars. Player can customize hair, facial hair, hair and facial hair colour, clothes, clothes colour, hats, glasses, glassess colour, accessories, age, family, nationality, vehicle, aliases, gender, alias and name.


Sift Heads Street Wars Protagonist is a person travelling to city for meet a friend from social media that meets Duncan, Duncan said that they can found job from his friend Michael first time that meets a guy named Michael, says that guy found some job in Mr. Brooks. In the begining that person's first meeting with Mr. Brooks on first mission,. later that kills some street gang members for him (1-5 missions). In sixth mission that person founds package and delivers to Duncan, Michael and Dominic's warehouse and meets Dominic in this mission, after that person goes for say to that person delivered package, later Mr. Brooks thanks him, In seventh mission that person, Duncan, Michael, Dominic and Mr. Brooks were ambushed by street gang members, In the gunfight Mr. Brooks died, after they kill all of members in ambush but only one of survived and they interrogated him for find out who is their leader and find his hangout after some torture he tells their leader is Rexford and his second-in-command is Willson both of stays in gang house with two floor later they kill him and after this four guys go to their leaders house after they kill all of them except their leader Rexford and their second-in-command Willson, both of escaped. In eighth mission Duncan, Michael and Dominic introducted Al and Xavier to that person, their mission is assault on a bar later kills all of them and rescues barmen from that gangsters. In Nineth Mission they steal bulletproof-car from gang, In Tenth Mission they assault on gang's place and main headquarter also their place this place have five floor and every floor have five rooms, also Rexford and Willson stays in main controllroom (3rd room of 3rd floor), later they kill All Members including Rexford and Willson, Gang is Wiped out. In Eleventh Mission their mission was stealing car from Italian Mafia, that person stealed car from this gang, later In Twelweth Mission Italian Mafia Members attack on their Warehouse they are too strong, Dominic, Al and Xavier are all dead in gunfight. later a japanase man come with Car and rescued three of them and Michael asks who is he and where are going take to their house, japanase man said my name is Kiro and I take you our house, minutes later they arrived his house and they entered inside of house, they go to Living Room, In the Living Room, there are 1 extra large sofa in left side of room and 1 armchair, one man sitting on armchair and one girl dressing brassiere and bikini on her knees and kissing penis of sitting man on armchair, Kiro said that man sitting on armchair was our boss his name is Vinnie and that girl kneel front of his and his sucking cock is his girlfriend Shorty. later that person, Duncan, Michael and Kiro sitted Extra Large Sofa and four of them watch Vinnie and Shorty for one hour, Vinnie is sitting on luxury armchair and Shorty was kneel and sucking his cock for one hour.