Sift Heads World: Act 6: Illicit Association is the sixth game of the Sift Heads World series.


Vinnie and his team returned to the safe house, found out that Alonzo has escaped and his house has been damaged.

They later found a japanese explosive in the Alonzo's cell room, and Vinnie asked Kiro to call Black Fox for information. Black Fox tells them that Alonzo has his team rescued him while they're away, also sent some henchmen around their HQ.

However, these henchmen have been seen and Vinnie (depends on which character you choosed) jumps off from the walls with a desert eagle and kills them off.

Black Fox continues, his information found out that the Yakuza have allied with Alonzo and take him out from the cell as well as blow Vinnie's house up. After that, Vinnie decided to travel to Tokyo.

Yakuza's Tower


1. Choose Your Character

2. Go To Alonzo's Jail

3. Kill The Enemies

4. Kill The Enemies from the Building

5. Go into the building.

6. Pick The Card.

7. Make Your Way to place the bomb

8. Get Out of The Building

9. Go to Hilo

10. Talk To Black Fox.

11. Go to the 2 locations

12. Go To The Port.

13. Get On The Ship

14. Finish The Mission

15. Go To Hilo

16. Kill The Enemies

17. Go To Chicago

18. Go To Darwen's House.

19. Get The Silencer.

20. Go To Slum Building

21. Kill The Commissioner.