Sift renegade 2

Sift Renegade 2 is the sequel to Sift Renegade.

The game takes place after the events of Sift Heads 5. The player will play as Kiro, and ventures on the quest to find out who wanted his brother, Kienji killed. He was intercepted by some Yakuza members, claiming that Kiro betrayed the clan, and Kienji's girlfriend, Jade will be their next target, and everyone around him will suffer the same fate. Kiro tires to save Jade before the Yakuza could get to her, and killing anyone standing his way. But he arrived too late. He continued his search for 'the responsible one', who started the rebellion in the clan. Kiro concluded that 'the responsible one' was one of the members who started the revolution and infringed the laws of the clan with Yuuma. They placed the blame on Kienji, and the high councils of the clan ordered his death. Vinnie was hired for the job. He commended Kiro for coming this far and attempted to shoot him. However, before he could pull the trigger, Vinnie shot the head of Yakuza Chief him from a separate building with a sniper, saving Kiro's life. Kiro killed the remaining Yakuza and left the building quickly before the police show up. Vinnie meets up with him and offers him a very lucrative partnership. The games ends with some Yakuza and hired guns showing up, who are after both Kiro and Vinnie. However, the player and Vinnie ends up killing all of them.