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Sift Renegade 3: Defiance is a game in the Sift Renegade series


The story starts out with Kienji spying on Yumma and Triad Chief and making a trade, and Kienji says 'what out loud and before the triad member could see him he ran off. Kienji says he must tell his brother Kiro what's going on, and battles the Triad guards then drives away. He then spies on a triad guard on his phone and kills him. Then he sees Shigeru surrounded by triads and helps him battle their way out. Shigeru thanks Kienji for his help. Kienji asks Shigeru where Kiro is, and Shigeru informs him that he's on another case. Later on, they arrive and fight the Triads, and Shigeru loudly shouts where the heck is Hayate. Kienji says they need a keycard to open the door, and Kienji finds it, and he and Shigeru run and see Hayate dead or a diversion, and he explodes, and triads surround them back and forth, as they battle out, they meet up with Shawn thinking Shigeru was dead. Then Kienji explains to them why he was looking for Kiro, but before he could finish, he is shot and killed by Vinnie.