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Full Name Unknown
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Seen In Sift Heads World: Act 3:Alonzo's Reinforcement

The Mayor of Chicago was an associate of Vinnie, Shorty, and Kiro. He is killed by the İtalian Mafia Second-in-Command

Sift Heads World- Act III

After escaping from prison, the bounty hunters entered City Hall (while tranquilizing the security guards) to talk to the Mayor about Alonzo. The Mayor reveals that he knew Alonzo was "corrupting the justice system" and agreed to work with the team to stop him once and for all.

After the team gets proof of the Commissioner being in league with Alonzo, they show the Mayor a photo of the Commissioner leaving a crime hideout. The Mayor muses over the picture and says that to implicate Alonzo, more evidence of his corruption was needed. The Mayor specifically wanted proof of drug trafficking in Chicago. The team heads to Palermo to find such evidence.

After the evidence is brought together, the team calls the Mayor for a meeting. He asks them to meet him in one hour at Gigi's Restaurant.

In Gigi's Restaurant, the Mayor is amazed at the evidence that the team got, much to their amusement. ("See, being a bounty hunter can be useful.") He says that he will use this evidence to go after Alonzo and wants to tell them a secret. Before he could tell the team the secret, the Mayor is shot in the head by Alonzo's Second-in-Command, who had snuck into the restaurant.