Triad Chief - "I thought we supposed to stay on each other side"

Kiro - "Yeah, that's what we were doing"

Triad Chief - "Maybe you but not your friend, looks like the Yakuzas will lose one of their brothers now"

Kiro - "I'm not gonna let that happen"

Triad Chief talking to Kiro Through a cellphone

The Triad Chief is a secondary Antagonist of Sift Renegade. He is the Leader of the Triads. He is the older brother of Grandmaster Yuma , Yakuza Chief, Alonzo,Johnson and younger brother of Morreli ,Luzio and Rhino.  He died from falling from his window with Kiro and Kiro Killed Triad Chief, which may have been the landing pad. In his battle with Kiro, he uses a Kungfu Staff.


  • Like many characters in the series, his name is unknown.