Show your head...
— Vinnie

Ace Vincent "Vinnie" is a bounty hunter and the primary and main protagonist of the Sift Heads series. Vincent's surname is currently unknown.


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Early Life

Aace Vincent "Vinnie" was born in 1974 into a family as ordinary and simple as the next he met with Alexander and other 11 boys.

Vinnie as a baby

Vincent Before Killing his cat

In 1976, his father, Aaron (also known as Wito), was killed by The Black Fox in a gunfight between two rival mafia clans in Italy (the Red Mafia and the Gray Mafia) when Vinnie was only two years old. Wanting to forget the tragic incident, his mother decided to leave Europe and move to America to start a new life, which happened to be the same year Vinnie made his first kill when he shot his cat who had "killed" Vinnie's teddy bear Mobo. In 1980, he killed a fellow daycare kid with a toy car as payback for playing with his GT 500 toy car. Seven years later, he murdered his math teacher in order to avoid going to school. As a teenager, Vincent decorated his room with pornographic posters, a real AK47 and a Japanese katana sword which has "Blossom stem, if found please return to Kiro or else!" inscribed on it. (The following information is incorrect because when Vinnie was a teen, Kiro wasn't born yet.) In 1993, he had a run-in with law enforcement while being under the influence which resulted in him murdering two cops with his Taurus PT92. He later got his first taste of money by conning the cons themselves in the streets of Chicago. What was originally a simple hobby quickly turned into a profession, and Vincent later gave himself the nickname "Vinnie". His name would soon spread quickly amongst the locals, gaining a reputation as being the best bounty hunter in the area and eventually the best in the world he lead group of bouty hunters number of members of group is 17 (with Vinnie). But later his friends were killed by Gray Mafia members and Vinnie was only survivor in the Bounty Hunters. Naturally, such notoriety would bring him not only many contracts, money and women, but also his share of enemies that never intimidated him. Amidst all the bloodshed and violence, a woman entered his life. Vinnie was surprised that she could withstand bloodbaths and violence, but behold she could not resist Vinnie's charm and she fell for him. And since this day Shorty has stayed by his side as not only his lover, but as his partner-in-crime. Later on, a contract that turned sour forced Vinnie to meet one of his biggest adversaries: Kiro, an ex-member of the Yakuza, who was thirsty for vengeance for the death of his brother(see: Sift Renegade 1, Sift Heads 5 and Sift Renegade 2). After several heated battles, Vinnie proposed an alternative to this quarrel and to let Kiro become a part of his team.


  • Vinnie likes R&B music, rock music, cars & weapons.
  • Vinnie has been fascinated with the Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor for a very long time.
  • Before Sift Heads World: Act 1, Vinnie's favorite gun was a Beretta 92 FS. Now, it seems to have changed to a Desert Eagle.
  • Vinnie's first ever kill was his cat, who's name is still unconfirmed.
  • On the Main Menu screen of Sift Heads 2, Vinnie seems to be exiting a BMW instead of a Shelby GT500.
  • His eyes are never shown throughout the entire series.
  • Vinnie fights the final guy in a fist fight at the end of Sift Heads World: Act 4
  • Vinnie mostly teases Kiro around.
  • Vinnie and Kiro were formerly enemies because Vinnie had killed his brother, but they eventually became best friends.

Relationships with other Protagonists


When Vinnie was ordered by Yumma to kill Kienji (Kiro's Brother) for rebelling against older members of the Yakuza, Kiro was trying to kill him after the murder of several members of the Triads, but Vinnie defeated him. He spared him and told him not to kill someone who is paid but one who is paying. Later when Kiro confronted some Triads, Vinnie shot its leader then Kiro kills the rest. Kiro then joins Vinnie's team.

  • Vinnie is also annoyed by Kiro for making fun of him for living in the past, when Kiro started to ask about his age, Vinnie decided to tell Kiro to throw himself out of the car; soon Kiro stopped annoying Vinnie about living in the past.
  • Vinnie also stopped Kiro for trying to kill police officers due to his fuel of his rage. when Kiro was arrested, Vinnie rescued him to help him kill Alonzo and Yumma.
  • During Sift Heads: Street Wars, Vinnie started to tease Kiro for guarding the safehouse. Kiro just explained that if he left his safehouse unprotected it might be blown up again.


Vinnie met Shorty on a beach and they both fell in love with one another. Vinnie admires how Shorty is terrific at shooting and for always knowing what to do for fun. In Sift Heads 4 when Vinnie was bored (due to the fact he had eliminated all of the criminals in Chicago and there was nothing left to do), Shorty suggested that Vinnie should go on vacation by sifting heads - but on an international level this time. Another time, Vinnie received help from Shorty due to the he could not sift heads alone when he was infiltrating a base and needed backup in Shorty Covers. Vinnie cares a lot for Shorty and this is evident from the time he rescued Shorty when she was captured by Kiro and also the Crips and Red Mafia, and also took care of her when she was injured in Sift Heads: Ultimatum.


Game Playable Notes
Sift Heads 0-5 Yes
Vinnies Shooting Yard 1-4 Unknown (Possibly Yes)

Vinnies Rampage


Shorty Covers No Cameo

Sift Renegade 3

Yes (Ending only)
Sift Renegade No Seen in the picture of the ending
Sift Renegade 2 No Seen in the opening
Sift Heads World Act 1-7 Yes
Sift Heads Street Wars Yes
Sift Heads Assault 1-3 Yes
Sift Heads Cartels 1-3 Yes

Characters killed by Vinnie

Name Reason Game
Unnamed Cat Ripping off his Teddy Bear, Mobo's head. Sift Heads 0
Michael (His Younger Brother) Stole Vinnie's toy car Sift Heads 0
Unnamed Teacher Just so that Vinnie wouldn't go to school Sift Heads 0
Eligio White Kidnapping the son of a police chief and underboss of white mafia. Sift Heads 0
"The Shadow" Illegal weapons dealer and boss of white mafia. Sift Heads 0
Angelo On the orders of Red Mafia Boss Sift Heads 1
Tony & Red Mafia Boss Attempting to kill him after quitting the Red Mafia Sift Heads 1
Grey Mafia Boss To prove his skills and to put an end on the Grey Mafia Sift Heads 1
Ralph Ducan For being Corrupt Sift Heads 3
Kienji On the Orders of Yumma

Sift Heads 4 & Sift Renegade 3

Johnson For Sending a video of the Police Commissioner's Murder to the media and for putting his team on most wanted list Sift Heads World Act 0: Hidden Chapter
Alonzo Killed attempting to make a corrupt government and for trying to kill him. Sift Heads World Act 7: Ultimatum